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Build Our Machine LYRICS
They have sent you a letter
To come back home to play
But to your dismay, this isn't your day
For the happy fun time
Has begun to fade
Watch as we reanimate
Our corpses you abandoned
We're dismantled
We're mishandled
But we won't be skipped and swayed
Trapped within these walls
You left our souls to drip away
The ink decays
The walls at bay
But the reckoning has come today
(You say)
Borris has no guts 'cause you
Replaced it with mechanical strain
We've been tortured
But we move forward
This disorder kills your day!
I am alive
You're the creator, you traitor
There's no vaccine
To cure your dirty needs
For now you must
Build up Our Machine
You DIE tonight
Build up Our Machine
You die tonight
-Vocalizing continues-
Build up Our Machine
You die tonight
So you found all the pieces
To initiate the pain
Our venom stains
The night remains
:iconicefir:icefir 164 13
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The 'Plot' Thickens... :icondisembowell:Disembowell 114 32
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The Snake And The Mouse 2 (com coppy)
This was made by the awesome ::iconjamearts:: Paid for by me. Lilith belong to him and PJ belongs to me. I suggest you check out his material its awesome. Story-" Looks like she is going to keep him in the snake pit or mansion for a long time" this is a continuation of my previous commision
Plot Thickens 4
you know the drill characters and story belong to me and drawn by the awesome ::iconseekgr:: Awe you got to love it when your boo hits you back
The Snake and the Mouse Jamearts (Com Coppy)
This was made by the super awesome ::iconjamearts:: and paid for by me. Madame Lilith belongs to him and PJ belongs to me. If you hadn't checked out his stuff I recommend it. Story-"A rat in a snake pit(or mansion in this case), what could go wrong? Pj the rat gets into a sticky situation with Madame Lilith, who desperately Kisses him....It's been eons since the last man stood in her manor so...."

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Just an update on what's conning next. Right now I'm getting 2 pieces commision that I'm excited about hitting my deviant. If you like Jamesart stuff or content it's a b/w comic featuring PJ the Rat from me. It will involve his snake OC Lilith so it should be fun. Finally we have Jackurai making a flash animation with my characters PJ and Trish involving things showcasing their relationship with some big kisses and maybe some vore. I hope this channel continues to grow as more people enjoy my stuff along with the Plot Thickens manga continualy to updating. Oh if you have artist that I might be interested in feel free to mention them. If I like them enough I may get a commission.


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